About Us

KONSTAL has been present on the marine market since 1996, performing Non Destructive Testing, Quality Control services, as well as the expertise of the technical conditions of steel constructions.

The testing is performed by highly-skilled engineers, who are licensed with the Non Destructive Testing Certificates, in accordance with the EN 473 / ISO 9712 standard and the IWE/EWE (International / European Welding Engineer) Certificate, which both consider welding supervision in accordance to the EN ISO 14731 standard.

We specialise in Thickness Measurements and quality supervisions during the repair and construction of any kind of vessel.

We carry out inspections of the ships, on the basis of which, we compile a repair specification with a particularized amount of steel that needs to be replaced. The inspections can be conducted before the vessel enters the dock, thus both, the time of the repair and its costs can be reduced.

Being acclaimed by the most significant Classification Societies, we perform measurements in accordance with their Rules and Regulations. Following the PN-EN ISO 9001 standard, based on the QUALITY MANAGING SYSTEM – reliability, effectiveness and precision are characteristic for our professional services.



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